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Book review of great debut novel, WANDERER SCORNED by Natasha Woodcraft

As an author, it is a real honour to be asked to read and review another author's work.  So many authors have helped me on my writing journey, it only feels right to do the same.  This is the first 'Blog Tour' that I have taken part in and this book is a definite MUST READ. In the 70’s I remember watching episodes of the TV detective series, Columbo, starring Peter Falk.  At the start of each episode, a murder took place, then the whole story plot was how Columbo would track down and reveal the killer.  The viewer always knew how the story would end, but the series was a huge success due to incredible storytelling. The debut novel from Natasha Woodcraft, called ‘Wanderer Scorned’ is an adaptation of the story of Cain and Abel from the Bible.  If you aren’t aware, Cain killed his brother, Abel.  So, just like an episode of Columbo, the end is already known and will require a high standard of storytelling, if it is going to grip your attention.  Natasha Woodcraft achieved t