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Are You in the CLEAN-UP CREW?

Kanye West (, says, “We came into a broken world and we are the clean-up crew . We all go through some form of brokenness at some point in our lives and we will all respond differently.  Death is the obvious brokenness and we will all face it, ultimately our own, but prior to that, the death of those that we know.  Some struggle to recover from grief, but as Christians, as the clean-up crew , we can do whatever we can do to support. I have many creative friends who tell me that it is because of their brokenness that they are creative.  They use creativity to channel their pain, their hurts, and their loss.  They do this, in the hope that their creations will bring comfort to themselves and others.  This is the reason why I create, to impact lives and bring about change.  To bring change is the role of the clean-up crew. As an author, a poet, and a film producer, I want every book, every poem, and every film to bring change.  Often, we will never know a

Do You Want FAME?

I spent over 30 years of my life working in charity (and still do some).  I was a Youth Worker and one of the founders of a great youth charity in Stroud, Gloucestershire.  As a result of my work, many years ago, the charity’s Patron suggested that he should nominate me for an OBE.  As the Patron was a Lord, I knew that there would be a good chance of success, but I turned him down, saying, “I don’t need that.” Looking back, I now say that, “I didn’t want that”, you see our minds can change, I now realise that fame can be useful.   Years later, someone else suggested that they nominate me for the same award and I thought to myself, “That would be nice.”  As far as I’m aware, he didn’t do as he said, and I was a little disappointed.  Now, when the new year honours are announced, I think to myself, “That could have been me.” I used to believe that if we received our thanks on earth then we wouldn’t have any in heaven.  So, what made me change?   Why is it important to be known by ma

Journey into the UNKNOWN?

Photo: Chris Buckwald - Amongst other things, I am an author and a film producer.  I use those skills to communicate a message, a story, or share some information.  You will not be at all surprised to hear then, that I love watching films and that one of my favourite scenes is from, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Towards the end of the film, Indiana (the hero) has to step off of a cliff edge into a ravine.  He has to take a huge step off faith and following his father’s instruction, that is what he does.  He steps, yet does not fall.  As he changes his perspective, the previously invisible bridge is now seen, stretching out across the perilous ravine. As we all start a new year, for many, we may feel like Indiana Jones as we step out into the unknown.  The last two years of pandemic have brought so much uncertainty for so many and as humans, we need a balance between certainty and uncertainty.  We can all make plans for the year ahead, which helps to establish a leve