Are You in the CLEAN-UP CREW?

Kanye West (, says, “We came into a broken world and we are the clean-up crew.

We all go through some form of brokenness at some point in our lives and we will all respond differently.  Death is the obvious brokenness and we will all face it, ultimately our own, but prior to that, the death of those that we know.  Some struggle to recover from grief, but as Christians, as the clean-up crew, we can do whatever we can do to support.

I have many creative friends who tell me that it is because of their brokenness that they are creative.  They use creativity to channel their pain, their hurts, and their loss.  They do this, in the hope that their creations will bring comfort to themselves and others.  This is the reason why I create, to impact lives and bring about change.  To bring change is the role of the clean-up crew.

As an author, a poet, and a film producer, I want every book, every poem, and every film to bring change.  Often, we will never know about those that our work has touched and inspired, but we still create, because God made us that way. 

Over the last 7 years, I have become even more creative, creative in new ways, with new ideas and I have been led by God, but also inspired by others.  Who are you inspiring and who is inspiring you?

The more creative people that I meet, with a story of brokenness; the more I want to help them in some way.  I want to help them tell their story and to share it with the world.  I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve helped other authors with publishing or marketing knowledge.  I love to empower others and to share my knowledge, as I have blogged about before here.

My latest creative, supportive venture is a brand-new podcast that will launch soon.  It’s called ‘The Creative Christian Chat Show’ aka DOG in the POD.  If you are wondering why the DOG in the POD part, well, my surname means, ‘Son of Yellow Dog’.  You can learn more about my name in my blog, ‘What's in a Name?’

When I told a friend about my podcast, his comment was, “I thought film was your thing?”

“No”, I told him, “Message is my thing.”  Isn’t it strange how people see one aspect of our creativity but miss the bigger picture?  I know my role in the ‘clean-up’ crew and I am a Message Bringer. Do you know your role?

The first series of my podcast is currently in production and it is called, ‘Creative in Brokenness’.  I have been overwhelmed by the response from people that want to come on the show and I am humbled by their stories.  Please get in touch if you would like to join me on the show for a creative chat.


Brendan is a creative Christian; a digital marketeer, podcaster, film producer, poet, and author of 8 books, including 'The book of PSALMS in Rhyme.'  He lives in Stroud Gloucestershire.  There are 'self-made men' and 'God-made men', Brendan is the latter.  An associate speaker with Christian Vision for Men.  A member of the Association of Christian Writers and Evangelical Alliance.

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