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What is your LEGACY?

St. Paul's Cathedral by Roman Fox - Unsplash We all leave something behind when we die and this is referred to as our LEGACY.   Some of us may have received comments about the LEGACY that we leave behind, especially if you are perceived as doing something great.  Edward Jenner left his LEGACY of the Smallpox vaccination, which has helped to create the Covid vaccine.  Christopher Wren and Isambard Kingdom Brunel left historic landmarks of architecture and engineering. Just over 30 years ago myself and a friend set up a local youth charity, called ‘The Door’.  I grew the charity, developed it, pioneered some remarkable projects and rose from a humble volunteer to a humble CEO.  When I left there, seven years ago, I lost count of the number of times people told me that I have left a fantastic LEGACY.   I remember, in my mind, questioning, “Have I?” As soon as I left, I said, “It’s not my LEGACY now, it belongs to those that come after me.”  What I now realise is that, I may have ha