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Where is Your Website? - Ideas to be better seen.

Do you have a website?   How often are you asked this?  Do you ever ask it of others?  A contact in America recently asked if she could stock my books in, supposedly 4 shops.  I sent her all of my info and asked her for her website, she didn’t have one and said she has physical shops.  Really? Many people now regard having a website as ‘doing it right, in a professional manner’ so we need to make sure that we invest into our websites.   I always say that a website is like a shop window, it needs to be visually attractive and convey your message quickly.   It is now said that the online attention of the average person is 8.25 seconds , so make the most of that time. If your shop window isn’t right, people will drift on past your shop.   Marketeers use techniques to make you find, stop, stay and shop , so how does your window, your website manage to do this?   Can you remember the day that your website first went live?   Did you shout, “Hooray, we are alright now.”   Have you, sin

How do you cope with disappointment?

We are all different and cope with disappointment in different ways and if we are honest, we all face disappointment at times in our lives, such as: > The ‘A’ grade student who gains a ‘B’ in their exam may feel that they could have done better and they start to chastise themselves.   >  The author who slaves away over a manuscript, only to face rejection after rejection from publishers. >  The couple who are desperate to have a baby, IVF has failed several times and they have been told that there is no hope. I try not to ever give up, to always have hope and to remain positive, but it only takes one piece of straw to break the camel’s back. I waited for three years on the transplant list for a new kidney.  During that time, I was called four times, only to be stood down and faced extreme disappointment.  Eventually, on my fifth call, the operation went ahead and I was given a kidney from someone that had just died.  I had the joy of that situation, but in the same eve