Is Knowledge Power?

In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon published his work, Meditationes Sacrae.  In it he first used the phrase, “Knowledge is power” and the world believed him.  Throughout the centuries since, people have craved knowledge and more knowledge.

“I have two degrees”, quips the first person.  “I have three”, brags another.  A farmer eavesdropped as they passed him, then, commented, “Yet, you are ignorant, rude and have no common sense.  You ignored me and my sign and now my bull is going to get you… You had best run.”

I spent many years believing that Francis Bacon was right, that is until I had a ‘Eureka’ moment and I started to share my knowledge openly.
  The farmer above shared his little bit of knowledge and he averted a potential fatal wounding.  In my charity development work, I had risen to the considered powerful position of CEO, but it wasn’t until I stepped down from that position and started to share my knowledge that I had a revelation.  The recipients of my help now regarded me as having the power to help them and I realised that it is the sharing of knowledge that is true power.

As a Christian writer, I have naturally joined the Association of Christian Writers.  This group of people has a wealth of experience and knowledge and every member is willing to share whatever they know, in order to help another writer.  This encourages me to do the same and it is such an unbelievable joy to help others.

I am currently preparing to deliver a poetry and rhyming workshop for the ACW Writing for Children group, which I am excited about.  However, another project that I am currently working on is both exciting and humbling.  A dying man asked me if I could publish his book of poetry.  He wrote over 100 poems during the three years after his son took his own life and they are his journey of grief.

I am using my knowledge and power to publish his book of poems and the Sunflowers Suicide Support charity will receive all of the royalties.  With our knowledge and power we can empower or disempower, the question is; what will you do with yours?

Brendan is a Christian poet and author of 8 books, including 'The book of PSALMS in Rhyme.'  He lives in Stroud Gloucestershire.  There are 'self-made men' and 'God-made men', Brendan is the latter.  An associate speaker with Christian Vision for Men.  A member of the Association of Christian Writers.

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