What do you do with a great book review?

As a writer, I value all reviews and appreciate the time that a reader has taken, first to read my book and then to spend time writing, then posting a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub or anywhere else.  So, what do you do with a great review?  Here are a few thoughts.

1.       Say thank you.

2.       Mention it and copy and paste it to your social media, with a link to buy the book.

3.       Add it to your website, with a link to buy the book.

4.       Make a video of yourself reading the review and post it on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, with a link to buy the book. 

5.       If the review is big enough, use it as a blog, which is exactly what I am doing here.

I recently asked for people to read a free PDF version of my novel, ‘The Invasion of the MIMICS.’  If you would like a copy just email me here bmconboy@gmail.com

The rest of this blog is the review and I would love to know what you think of it?  Does it make you want to read the book or grab the FREE PDF and review it yourself?


                Review of – ‘The Invasion of the MIMICS by Elaine Venning

For a book to tick all my boxes, first of all, it must be well written with a flowing style that is both descriptive and imaginative.  Secondly, it should hang together in a plausible manner, and not jerk from one aspect to another in a haphazard manner.

Add to that characters of substance, full of human insight and pathos where there is an unfolding narrative progressing them through the story in a believable way, whatever hoops the author has his people jump through. 

Lastly, a good plot that incorporates twists and turns and keeps me puzzling away to the end of the tale is the refining dimension that will have me read from cover to cover, even if I do like to sneak a peek at the conclusion first.

This is one such book.  It opens in what for a moment seems to be our modern world gone mad, painting a grim picture of oppression and a stark reality that I hope none of us ever have to endure. It then rapidly introduces us to Gideon our young hero and then a little later a sad scientist locked in his experiments in a way that raises the question of what alienates human beings from their surroundings and each other.  How do we lose what really matters?  What is evil?

These are not the only difficult and relevant questions lurking behind the covers.  It asks how we can find hope in dark times, how to discover solutions in the face of adversity and great complexity as well as continue to become ever more caring and responsible.  Who indeed is Trenchant and can he save our hero from impending disaster?  What is the Pneuma and will it change him into being a better person? Do not be surprised if you find yourself asking these deeper questions too.

The early, chilling touch of snow which numbs more than the senses, gives a touch of horror that never quite tips over into a climate change postulation.  Instead, it brings to life the nightmare of an underlying menace threatening many peoples with no seeming way out.

This boys’ own adventure rattles along at a fast pace without missing important details and it has moments of fun with races and much globe-trotting that is not just limited to this earthly sphere.  There is even a hint of romance round the edges that leave a suggestion that this is not a lone book but an epic saga taking us through the making of our hero and on into a whole new dimension just asking to be explored by each of us in the days ahead.  Expect more to follow.

I commend this book to you but be warned.  Once you start reading you’ll want to know what’s coming next!

                                                         View the book onAmazon here.


Brendan Conboy has an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing level 5 He is a creative Christian; digital marketeer, podcaster, film producer, poet, and author of 8 books, including 'The book of PSALMS in Rhyme.'  He lives in Stroud Gloucestershire.  There are 'self-made men' and 'God-made men', Brendan is the latter.  An associate speaker with Christian Vision for Men.  A member of the Association of Christian Writers and Evangelical Alliance.


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